RAUSCHFAKTOR - Aquarium Remixes E.P.

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Rauschfaktor is back to unleash another unequalled package of adventurous silicon grooves. Two re-edits of their own plus extra remixes of two of the best album cuts - what more can you ask for? With their own mixes of 'Aquarium Caf_' and 'Funkstille' the Rauschfaktor duo Frank Rueckert and Markus Schmahl once more offer smooth midtempo groovers and serious offbeat madness like only they can do. 'Am Horizont' has Markus Schmahl taking the signature tune of Rauschfaktor's latest longplayer and mutating it with his trademark Guardner production of chunky organic beats, light hiphop undertones, additional strings and funky space dust. Frank Rueckert's ueNN project delivers another magic electro interpretation of 'Eisplanet'. A perfect compliment to Rauschfaktor's own astonishing production work. This package has something to satisfy those downbeat heads, chill out heads, electro heads. A delicious piece of inspirational and heady mood music - guaranteed to get the people groovin'. You heard it here first!

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1 Aquarium Cafe Remix
2 Funkstille Remix
3 Am Horizont - Guardner Remix
4 Eisplanet - ueNN Remix

written and produced by Frank RŮckert and Marcus Schmahl


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