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In tranquillity lies the key to strength. After his releases 'Chiplandschaften' and 'p_composing', sound searcher Harald Karla a.k.a. Jonson slowly but surely starts a new ambient decelerating process on his new album 'Mindlook'. He uses spherical elements rather than beat and rhythm to consciously take a look inside and concentrating on the essential without red herring. His typical melodies which take some time to their full development, the individual tracks bring about sound images evoking very different associations in the respective listener. His tracks have cinematic quality. The spacy, intergalactic 'Shine', almost leading you to a cosmic Nirvana, 'Foretime' which moves backwards on an imaginary time bar with its choral-like spheres or the sensually smooth beauty of 'Reason Of Senses' suddenly flourishing like a grand rose. When getting totally involved with the album and finding yourself in atmosspheric sound scapes far away from the fast-paced everyday life, you will get to the very deepness of your inner soul. Jonson about 'Mindlook': 'The idea of my new album was to create a kind of music which opposes speed and totally goes without beats. You have to take some time to get into the tracks and to fully discover the melodies. The atmosphere should be able to make an impact without deflection. Melodies normally developing within half a minute take much longer on 'Mindlook'. But when getting involved with it, you will discover numerous details. It's not like rushing from one place to another but taking some time for travelling'.

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1. Fishsoup
2. Shine
3. Electro Rain
4. From here to There
5. Moon to Earth
6. Foretime
7. Septembers Winter
8. Reason of Senses
9. Sleep
10. From the outside Part One
11. Future will be the past of the present
12. From the outside Part Two

Written and produced by Harald Karla