źNN - Exit

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This year, the Frankfurt-based multimedia artist Frank Rueckert celebrates a double anniversary! Exactly 20 years ago, with Tribantura he released his very first track 'Lack Of Sense' on Talla2XLCs former label TDI. And this year, his most reknown project ueNN can look back on ten years of releases. With 'Exit' Rueckert now releases his fifth album. The biggest part of 'Exit' was produced in Southern Spain without direct contact to the outside world. 'Exit' moves far from any borders and far from this world. As the stylistically most varied album by ueNN, 'Exit' includes a number of ambient and vocal sound scapes which could not be more colorful and get their experimental and innovative attraction by various musical influences from Techno and Electro over Synthie-Pop up to Industrial and Dark Wave. This way, the Mikrolux artist once again moves far above the average level and, compared with his rather calm last album 'Silence', now uses faster and more groovy sounds. His tracks tell very special stories which are worth listening. The tracks 'Love Me' and 'Touch My Soul' transfer the bright sides of eartly life into audible poetry. The vocal guest appearance of La Gonzesse ('Escape The Time'), the smooth highlight of the CD, is followed by tracks like 'Lunar Orbit' and 'Asteroid' which move away from earth further and further. Finally, each end is a new beginning, and the light track 'Burning' is glimmering towards this in relaxed expectance. Frank Rueckert aka ueNN about 'Exit': 'Exit' stands for a (repeated) breakout from stylistically narrow parameters. After doing two remixes for Sabrina Setlur recently, I was wondering about the musical constriction expressed in several reactions to this cooperation. Thus, the superior topic of 'Exit' is change and comeback. It is about trying to leave previous paths and to broaden one's own horizon by going new ways. However, this does not mean to forget where you came from, but to leave something behind and open up to new experiences - like crossing an exit.

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1. Love Me
2. Touch My Soul
3. Do You Remember

4. Sense Of Liberty

5. A New Time
6. Dream Within A Dream
7. Escape The Time
8. The Hidden Note
9. Airwaves
10. Lunar Orbit
11. Asteroid
12. Exploding Sun
13. Kill Me
14. Burning

Written and produced by Frank Rueckert


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