NN - Electronic Music

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Frank Rckert aka NN ('Above Mean Sea Level') presents his long-awaited new album 'Electronic Music'. Not only die-hard fans of this Mikrolux success project will notice that with 'Electronic Music' a new chronology has definetely started for NN: Nine of the eighteen tracks include comprehensive video art, produced by multi-talent Frank Rckert himself. And the beautiful video art of Frank Rckert does not only follow the many subject of the music, but it picks up very consciously on his music and combines both world in to one unique piece of art. NN has evolved into a multi-media project with many facetts, utilizing different stylistic devices for the visualisation of the music. Very direct and close-to-reality expressions ('Reality') belong to Rckert's repertoire just as much as mystifying abstractions ('Hypnosis') or subtle ironic connotations ('Summersky'). But it also the farly less encoded use of moods and atmospheres which manage to surprise with this new ueNN longplayer especially the use of vocals (in form of vocoder voices and other effects) is completely new to the sound of NN. Despite of all musical evolution, Frank Rckert stays true to his roots which between ambient and electro music, charming melodies and experimental sound explorations. And it is especially one fact that all of the eighteen tracks on 'Electronic Music' have in common: all of them are highly infective and extremely danceable. An outstanding release!

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1 Pronounce
2 Overflowing
3 Passengers
4 Reality
5 Summersky
6 Life
7 Hypnosis
8 Pictures
9 Starlight
10 Fear
11 Scanner
12 Dice
13 The Search
14 Friendship
15 Repeat
16 Pressure
17 Destination
18 Recovery

written and produced by Frank Rueckert

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