SOL RUIZ DE GALARRETA - Flying Over Brazil

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What do you get when you mix the ease of a charming voice with the love of experimentation of abstract electronica and traditional Brazilian instruments? The result is a unique blend that in this form can only be heard on the new album by Sol Ruiz de Galarreta entitled 'Flying over Brazil'.
With a pinch of Bossa Nova, combined with a touch of electronics, argentinian singer Sol Ruiz de Galarreta and her two producers Marko Bussian and Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge create a refreshingly unique sound. Subtle beats dance around relaxed guitar lines to create the perfect surrounding and give Sol's wonderful voice the necessary space. New Interpretations of Bossa Nova Classics, the declaration of Love by a south american Singer to this music, with a couple of songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, one of the most acclaimed composers and performers of this genre. And the recipe just works, as one can hear on the new Longplayer on Elux Records.

The album starts out quite classic in the tradition of the Brazilian Music ('Barquinho'). Quickly Sol leaves those beaten paths and looks for inspiration in acts such as Plaid and Massive Attack ('Wave') : Downbeat meets Electronica meets Bossa Nova. This could be a brief description of her style. But even this is only an attempt, as Sol knows how to weave together such different styles without ever fitting into any musical cliche. Broken rhythms take over the lead later on the album. Smooth Drum'n'Bass with a touch of Samba and Bossa ('Agua de Beber') stands aside elegant Downbeats ('Chega de Saudade'). Electronic sounds often replace the classical instrumentation.

Although the song structure and the Brazilian way of life never get lost. The album is a mixture of warm feelings of sunny joy and lightness, that sounds as well profound and seductive.

With the chill out version of 'Within the Stars', a collaborative composition by Sol and Fous De La Mer (Cinq) she sends a summerly regard to her adopted country Ibiza, with 'Aquarela do Brasil' and her own modern interpretation of that classic, a wink towards Brazil.

Fusion is Sol's concept, her music is held together by her mesmerizing vocals.

The result is a fascinating journey through the influences of modern Brazilian music:
Sol is 'Flying Over Brazil'.

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1. Barquinho
2. Wave (Vou te contar)
3. Corcovado
4. Aquarela do Brasil
5. Laia Ladaia (Reza)
6. Insensatez (How Insensitive)
7. Besame Mucho (Interlude)
8. Chega de Saudade
9. Within the Stars (Copacabana Mix)
10. Mais que Nada
11. Agua de Beber
12. Garota de Ipanema