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The 30 year old Jens Buchert from Stuttgart, one of the most established German Chillout producers, has just joined Liquid Lounge. His tracks for renowned ambient projects such as Space Night, the Global Psychedelic Chill Out on Spirit Zone and, last but not least, the Sounds for the Magic Island series made Buchert one of the most important protagonists of Balearic Chillout. By the Hydra project released at the end of the 90s on Blue Flame and the 'Fruit Machine' album released on the Spirit Zone­Sublabel Plusquam in the beginning of 2002, Buchert finally became kind of 'immortal'. As a student of film and media science, video producer and music designer for the Pro7 series 'Welt der Wunder' ('World of Wonders') and the SAT1 series 'Planetopia', Buchert represents the prototype of a multimedially oriented musician. Therefore, it is not surprising that the 16 tracks of his latest outstanding album 'Sunrider' are literally overflowing with phantasmagorically dense impressionistic strings, wonderful Dubtrance quotations and subtle Downbeat textures ('Terra 7', 'Reboot', 'Panopticum'). Thus a vision of a summerly parallel world is created where the listener is astonished by Bucherts jazzy Breakbeats ('Green Velvet') or the unobstrusive pop elements such as the soulful vocals by Franca Morgano ('Fly With Me') and Stella Tonon ('The Sun'). For those who do not want to miss the melancholy and warm sensuality of the magic island during long winter nights: this is your chance!

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1. Aerosol
2. Terra 7
3. Sounds Of Gaia
4. Fly With Me
5. Reboot
6. The Sun
7. Aztec
8. Panopticum
9. Mystic Flower
10. Cyclones
11. Green Velvet
12. Octalimbo
13. Sunrider
14. Impact
15. Deeper Love
16. Reflections

Written and produced by Jens Buchert
Published by ICM/Hanseatic


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