ELEKTROLUX PRESENTS - The Future Is My Melody Vol. 2

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Can Chillout and Pop go together? Electronic music has gone through a remarkable change during the last years by tracks having become less anonymous and more recognizable, especially with regard to song-like structures. Therefore, it was only logical that Elektrolux gave an impressing proof of the consensus of Ambient and Pop by the first issue of the compilation series «The Future Is My Melody« about two years ago. The aim was to set a new benchmark especially on the international market (e.g. Major licensings to Columbia for the US and Canada and to Universal for France). As a logical consequence, this success story is continued congenially in the anniversary year 2005. Twelve tracks of the more recent label history and two tracks which have not been released yet form an Ambient Pop Compilation which is already making us dream of next summer. Marko Bussian, Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge and the Argentina-born Sol Ruiz de Galarreta are meeting for a sensual kiss on the beach of Ibiza (Fous de la Mer «Conmigo«). The latest label act Groovecatcher is bewitched by the cathartic power of rain expressed in a deeply melancholic dub («After The Rain«). The label founders Alex Azary and Pascal FEOS give an exclusive outlook to the third Aural Float by blending smooth but funky chilled Elektro breaks with vocals by Kim Sanders in a track akin to Prince productions («Him And Her - Chris Wood Re-Edit«). «The Future Is My Melody Vol. 2«, like part one, of course features tracks by Naoki Kenji, The Sushi Club, Jean F. Cochois, Fresh Moods and PFL feat. Julia Messenger. Thus, the future of the aesthetic power of melodies could not be brighter.

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1. Naoki Kenji - Ecoustic Chapter 3
2. Groovecatcher - After The Rain
3. Fous De La Mer feat. Oezlem - As I Look Around
4. Jean F. Cochois - Stories Of «HighfeelinÕ Times«
5. Aural Float - Him & Her (Chris Wood Re-Edit)
6. The Sushi Club - Sakura
7. Fresh Moods - Parasol
8. Fous De La Mer feat. Sol - Conmigo
9. Naoki Kenji - Let It Flow
10. Jean F. Cochois - Electronique Love
11. Fous De La Mer - Waiting For The Sun
12. PFL w/ Julia Messenger
13. Copshow - Cold Heart Lies
14. Jean F. Cochois - Love Remains


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