SPACE NIGHT VOL. 7 - Perry Rhodan DVD

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SPACE NIGHT', the legendary and highly awarded nightshift TV program of public station Bayerischer Rundfunk, has definitely become an cult-like institution over the last 6 years within german TV history. Fusing atmosperic electronic music of leading international ambient, electro or trance artists with breathtaking impressions from the orbit, 'Space Night' fascinates its evergrowing fanbase night by night. Incredible pictures from the NASA and ESA archives offer an unique view on our mother earth, like a zero gravity experience at home. Alongside the audio-visual experience of the tv program, also the 'Space Night' compilation series gained massive popularity. With an excellent tracklisting including some of the best and much sought after pieces of modern electronic chill out music, every new cd compilation becomes a collector's item of its own. Part 7 in the cd series leaves no exception here in delivering the goods. Also available as DVD release this latest 'Space Night' offering is a very special one: The double CD as well as the DVD are released in a 'Special Sci Fi Editionñ' and both are dedicated to the 40th anniversary of 'Perry Rhodan', which without a doubt can be seen as the most successful science fiction-series of all time. After one billion printed copies, over 2000 issues, several books, hardcovers and cd-roms, this cult like series is an essential part in the history of science fiction literature. Since the series and its legendary main character 'Perry Rhodan' have been created by well known German publishers Pabel-Moewig in 1961, itÍs still as fascinating as on day one. Many re-issues and the fact that it has been translated in many different languages have helped making ‹Perry Rhodanñ a worldwide success story, to be enjoyed and collected by generations of readers. 'SPACE NIGHT presents Perry Rhodan 4oth Anniversary' takes its viewers and listeners on a trip to outer space, a cosmic odyssee musically backed by futuristic soundscapes, warm chill out tracks and spherical downtempo grooves. Compiled by chill expert DJ Jondal the CD features tracks by internationally acclaimed heros of the genre such as Moby, Wamdue Project, Resistance D, Aural Float as well as brilliant tunes by the likes of The Herbaliser, Gabriel Le Mar, Bullitnuts, Mo' Horizons and Anthony Rother among others. The ultimate chill out experience! The DVD combines the exceptional elegance of the music with an unique visual composition of impressive views and futuristic pictures. Programmed and produced by BerlinÍs reknowned MBDF crew, this audio-visual experience fuses musical excerpts of the CD with the works of the legendary Johnny Bruck, the man behind more than 1800 'Perry Rhodan' cover pictures and illustrations, to create a masterpiece in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality. A true 'Space Night' milestone and essential DVD release for all fans of the series as well as sci fi and music freaks. System: PAL codefree

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