AZURE TAINT - Funky Elements

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The man behind Azure Taint is producer Kai Randy Michel, known for his banging Techno releases on PV records. With his brand new Funky Elements longplayer released on Elektrolux, Kai explores the territory between nu breaks and funky electronics. 'I'm producing music since 1996 and have already released three 12inches and one album as Kai Randy Michel on the Techno label PV, which is associated with Elektrolux. Now, 'Funky Elements' marks my first release on Elektrolux and carries more warmth and listening vibes than my partly agressive, dark and cold Techno stuff. This album describes my feeling of life and expresses emotions of freedom and wide space that I always like to identify with. In other words: my enjoyment of life. Energy filled tracks with funky grooves to dance to or spheric sound panoramas for dreaming. The finishing of the album took four years and it really includes personal favourites like 'Stainless Steel' (with guitar by Jason Richards), 'Boogielotion' and 'Sehnsucht' (produced in 1996 with Carsten Fietz).' A fresh vibe is kept throughout the entire album, ensuring another first class delivery of electronic music by the Frankfurt, Germany based quality label.

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1 Glasrauch
2 Schattenspiele
3 Dampfmaschine
4 Sehnsucht
5 Purple Road
6 Spaceschool
7 Sugar Rush
8 Boogielotion Pt. I
9 Boogielotion Pt. II
10 Stainless Steel
11 Go Back
12 Funky Elements
13 See The Sky
14 Free Of Illness
15 Grand Canyon


1 Stainless Steel
2 Sugar Rush
3 Purple Road
4 Boogielotion Pt. I
5 Dampfmaschine
6 Funky Elements
7 Sehnsucht
8 Boogielotion Pt. II
9 Go Back
10 Swing In

written and produced by Kai Randy Michel, track 4 by Kai Randy Michel and Carsten Fietz, Guitar on tracks 10 and 15 by Jason Richards