How do i order / put products in the shopping cart?

-> By clicking on the "Add to cart" symbols next to every item, you can place products in your shopping cart, which can be seen on the left of your browser window. It´s updated every time you add products, also the overall price can be seen. When you are done with adding items and finally want to order the chosen products, just click on "Order" on the bottom of your shopping cart on the left. A page opens up where you can check your order and change amounts of products. Here you can also choose your method of payment. On the next page you can enter your adress and finally place the order.

How do I pay?

-> You may pay either via bank transfer in advance or by credit card, in Germany you can also pay per cash on delivery You can. select your desired payment method on the order form. After placing the order, you will immediately recieve a confirmation-email, with bank details and a detailed list of the ordered products, prices, etc. Note that there will be additional costs depending on the payment method and the mailing charges.

Are the items always in stock?

-> Unfortunately it can happen that an item is temporarily not in stock. If instead of a price you will find "Sold Out" in the details of the product, this means that this product is temporarily not available. You can send requests for sold out items. If we receive enough requests we will consider a re-release.

How can I generate a list of all releases available in the

-> You can generate a list of all releases available by just clicking "go" on the top right with leaving the search-textbox empty.

What exactly is a GEM-CDr?

-> A GEM-CDr is a standardized recordable Compact-Disc without the original artwork of the release. We decided to offer everything released on vinyl also on CDr, not only for the customers without a turntable at home...

How exactly is the Sales Top 10 generated?

-> The Sales Top 10 is a list of the best selling releases updated in realtime.

I have a question not listed here.

-> Feel free to contact us: