Informations for methods of payment:

1.1) There are three different possible methods of payment in the Payment in advance, creditcard and cash on delivery (Germany only).

Payment in advance: After placing your order, you receive a confirmation-email, in which you also find our bank account details. As soon as we receive the payment, we send out your order.

Creditcard: We send out your order immediately. GEM Store uses 128-Bit-SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology for transferring your Credit Card Data.

Cash on delivery (Only in Germany): You pay directly to your postman.

1.2.) Prices:

Payment in advance: € 6
Cash on delivery: € 10
Creditcard: € 6

Payment in advance: € 12
Creditcard: € 12

Payment in advance: $ 15
Creditcard: $ 15

If the price of your order is more than € 50.-, we send out your order as insured package, the shipping costs are then:

Payment in advance: € 10
Cash on delivery: € 10
Creditcard: € 10

Payment in advance: € 18
Creditcard: € 18

Payment in advance: $ 28
Creditcard: $ 28