SUBSONIC PARK - Echoes From Inside Remixes

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With their mindblowing mixes from DeepHouse to TechHouse and DubTech, and their own areas on top events such as TimeWarp (Mannheim), Pollerwiesen (Cologne) or MerkwŁrdigen Verhalten... (Frankfurt), as well as their residency at Cocoon Club Frankfurt, Subsonic Park (Alex Azary and Gabriel Le Mar) consequently developped and shaped their own sound. While working on their new Album 'Echoes From Inside' they sent out demomixes, loops and samples, getting the echoes from the inside of their lab to their fellow artists und DJs. The feedback was very inspiring and led to active exchange with new remixes, which have now been cut to vinyl for Subsonic Park's new 12inch 'Echoes From Inside Remixes'. The remixes represent Subsonic Parks musical spectrum and deliver a small preview to their upcoming album of the same title 'Echoes From Inside', due for release end of June. Consequently, the 12inch features a pushing DiscoDub remix of 'Code Two' by one of the busiest N.Y. remixer and producer Brendon Moeller (aka Beat Pharmacy), as well as an uplifting TechHouse remix of 'Find U Tonight' by Aku Aku, one of Berlin's fresh and upcoming nu school producers. Netherlands based dubtech producer Quantum StarDub delivers the digital bonus track with a timeless, atmosphaeric and floating DeepHouse remix of 'Zoologic' in an epic 11 minutes cut.

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A. Code Two (Brendon Moeller Remix)
B. Find U Tonight (Aku Aku Remix)

Zoologic (Quantum DubStar Remix)