CHRIS ZIPPEL - Genuine Horizon Remixes

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Just one year ago, Elektrolux welcomed one of the most prominent members in its label history by Chris Zippel and his 'Genuine Horizon' LP. Now, the Berlin top producer, who already worked with renowned acts like the Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams or the band Ich & Ich, presents a complete collection of interpretations of his 2007 masterpiece.
All remix artists featured on the album are handpicked, they are forming a musical unit by sharing a big love for exceptional beats and the permanent pursuit of the special groove.
Their outstanding feeling of interpreting the intensity of the original tracks into sensational club tunes with electronic deepness and experimental playfulness, makes 'Genuine Horizon', Zippels true continuation of both his trip-hoppy, ambient classic albums 'Genuine - Nu Ambient Grooves' (released at the end of the 90ies on 96 Sounds), a true experience - at home as well as in the club.
The sound spectrum is broad and goes from minimal Techno to deep Techhouse, Progressive and dazzling atmospheres.
The quality of the tracks is convincing and makes Zippels unique moments of sound, as heard in 'Blade', 'Again', 'HD Archives' or 'As Possible', compatible for hot club nights - whether the remix is done by experienced acts like Namito, Subsonic Park and Mike Salta or proves the skills of young artists like Nvelope or Julius Lagerfeld.

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1. Blade feat. Tusnelda (Namito Remix)
2. Again (Mangelt Final Remix)
3. Red River (BardiniÍs First Layout Remix)
4. Around, Arrived (Julius Lagerfeld Album Remix)
5. HD Archives (Nvelope Remix)
6. As Possible feat. Baschin (Mick Rubin Final Remix)
7. Mirror Dawn (Mike Salta's Camp Reflection Remix)
8. Truth Is (Navs Final Remix)
9. Particle feat. Cindy Rivera (Subsonic Park Remix)
10. Glacier (Vakuum Sounds Final Remix)
11. Pivot feat. Lana Quish (JPN Mix)