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"Elektrolux is proud to present their latest co-operation with TV channel 'souvenirs from the earth'.
The visual arts broadcaster 'souvenirs from the earth' is a unique TV-channel that broadcasts video art 24-7. The programme is a line-up of 10 to 60 minutes long 'video-paintings', often very slow, colourful films specially produced by different artists, exploring for the first time the physical dimension of moving images the new big flat screen TVs have to offer. The viewer can completely immerse himself in the art work. The footage varies from slowly pirouetting ice-skaters in Central Park to a rather abstract swivel chair ballet performed by secretaries in an open-plan office.
The electronic 'downtempo' music broadcaster 'souvenirs from the earth' is broadcasting avant-garde music clips and art films set to music between 8pm and 10pm daily.
Elektrolux was once again in charge of the music programme selection. For years, Elektrolux has been a pioneer in creating ambient TV programming. It was responsible for the soundtrack of cult TV show 'Space Night' and created the blue print for this new broadcasting format with 'Flowmotion', a show running for six years during the late night programme of 'Hessischer Rundfunk'.
Pop legend Eric D. Clark acts a consultant and advises on the musical positioning of the broadcaster this way, connoisseurs of 'video art' outside the broadcasting range are also able to enjoy the 'video paintings'.
'souvenirs from the earth' also realised the visual backdrop for the world premiere of Peter Gabriel's latest album presented by the Ludwig Foundation via a special live broadcast in June 2008.
This special widescreen DVD (NTSC, 100 min., regions free) will be released as DVD9 to present the videos in high quality and features excerpts from the 'souvenirs from the earth' programming.

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Running time 100 min.
System NTSC

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