SUBTONAL - Dark Distortions

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Subtonal is the elektro solo project of A. Kauffelt, who also runs his own label aural satisfaction records. Dark Distortions is a deep and very personal album. On one side it's too personal to release it on his own label on the other side it's just too much Elektrolux to be released on any other label. The unique combination of futuristic club tracks and visionary floating elektro tracks on an extremely high quality level meanwhile became the trademark of elektrolux. the more happy we are about this album: Subtonal continues where elektrolux started already with releases like Insect Jazz and Z-Plane and elevates himself to the top of the new generation of elektro-producers.

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1 Silent Noise
2 Alien Discotheque
3 Plunge
4 Harc
5 Cage
6 Drama
7 Seashell
8 Nightfall
9 Inside
10 Emotive
11 Drone


1 Drone
2 Cage
3 Plunge
4 Silent Noise
5 Alien Discotheque
6 Seashell
7 Inside
8 Harc
9 Nightfall

written and produced by Andreas Kauffelt


SUBTONAL - Imploding Thoughts
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