INSECT JAZZ - Transmission from Istanbul

Price: 10 EUR


dr. scissors und Xpando are striking back: dr. scissors just returned from L.A. with the new Insect Jazz double 12inch in his bag. One of Elektrolux most upfront release right now. A 5 track double 12inch containing everything from clean Elektro over to dark pumping Elektro over to minimalistic Insect Techno and a deep House track plus 5 additional loops to spin the whole night.

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1 IJ loop txi 1
2 Transmission From Istanbul
3 Insect Electro
4 IJ loop txi 2
5 IJ loop txi 3
6 DT G1
7 Insect Shuffle
8 Termite Swing
9 IJ loop txi 4
10 IJ loop txi 5

written and produced by Insect Jazz