INSEKTOID - Daughter of Consciousness

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The yet still very young Mikrolux label strikes back with another new release by another new artist. This promising new talent goes by the name of Dennis Richter and we better remember this name for sure. With his first ever release, the 23 year old youngster from Frankfurt, Germany shows a cold-blooded instinct for the irresistable sex appeal of straight and minimal electro beats. Striking hi-hats go along with dancing rhythmes, embracing the many appeals of synthetic sound and combining it with futuristic mystic ('Daughter Of Consciousness'). Spheric, dubby strings with deep electro beats, robotic voices echoing through the wide open space of the sound, just to make you feel like landing on an undiscovered, lonely planet. With his feel for unique atmospheres, Dennis Richter manages to convert what sounds like a plain and simple electro track into a multi-dimensional journey into imaginary worlds like the deepest track on this release, 'Absorption'. Altogether, the tracks on this outstanding release deliver serious proof for a given fact: We have much to expect from this youngster!

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written and produced by Dennis Richter