SUBTONAL - Electricite de Nuit

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Mikrolux on its way up... it is just unbelievable how the young electro label, belonging to the Elektrolux family, is making its way. From the time when Mikrolux was celebrating its birth a few months ago until the time being, only a handful of releases have been put out by Mikrolux, but yet the label managed to gain an incredible amount of respect in the world of music. And among the few releases, it is especially the likes of Andreas Kauffelt that help Mikrolux raise higher and higher with delivering outstanding quality music. Kauffelt, known to many as the mastermind behind Aural Satisfaction Records, has now put out his second release of his very successful Subtonal moniker. Produced in Sydney, Australia, 'Électricité De Nuit’ is a very deep and personal work that perfectly blends electro of all kinds – may it be futuristic, club-orientated or simply visionary. Within all of the eleven tracks on this album, you can feel the inimitable talent of Kauffelt to develop magnificent grooves, adding soulful sounds and melodies to them and serving his music on a silver plate to whoever may be listening. 'Centiennal’, an ode to a park of the same name in Sydney, is a bright example for his artful production skills, as well as the unique 'Deep Sea Divin’ or the more cluborientated dancefloor smasher 'Shibuya’. An altogether awesome album!

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written and produced by Andreas Kauffelt


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