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Indeed, there are only few people who can completely resist the contemplative effect of an Color Gel-Gobo. For more than six years, the Bielefeld light artist Matthias Strobl has already been developing an entirely new form of this technique on behalf of the tnl GmbH under the project name lightmotiv®. This technique allows the creation of projections of up to 80 meters by using a composition of ethereal oils and and various fluids in an illuminated petri dish. Since the middle of the 90s, the 29-year-old has been working with light installations. His aim is to create an analogue anti-thesis to the daily flood of images in a hectic, digitalised world by the patented lightmotiv® projector. In the age of the omnipresent reproducibility of sensual perception, the bio-organic technique of the projector offers the opportunity to fully experience the uniqueness of visual moments and thus to become aware of the aesthetics of the laws of nature in their most beautiful form. The technique which is unique worldwide has already been used at the occasion of countless art events (e.g. at Expo 2000, the European Media Art Festival, Lange Nacht der Museen, Hamburg) as well as in different clubs (Tribehouse/Neuss, Powerzone/Amsterdam) and big music events (VooV Experience, Zoom Festival/Zurich, Electric Sunsation/Rio de Janeiro, Vision Quest/Tokyo).

DVD 5 : PAL : APPR. 70 MIN.

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1. Jonson ­ Autumnbits1
2. Fresh Moods ­ The Touch (Enchant Mix)
3. Planet Lounge ­ Ocean Drive
4. Groovecatcher ­ What The Croupier Saw
5. Espresso Del Lago ­ The Spirit Of Buddha
6. Phonosynthese - Traumzauberbaum
7. Aural Float ­ Dreamer¹s Dream
8. Pascal Feos ­ Fata Morgana
9. Jens Buchert - Sunrider
10. Prof. Kazkaz ­ New Moon
11. Rescape - Sternenhorizont
12. Guardner ­ Island Three