RESCAPE - Revolution

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As far Ambient music is concerned, the past four years have not been easy ones. There was hardly another musical genre which developed in a similar way, last but not least due to the exponentially risen options of sound processing. However, something was missing with all those Glitches, Clicks, Cuts or granular synthesis: The option just to release yourself in musical sense and to experience Ambient as pure sensual pleasure. In the first place, music should be a heart thing and not about mathematics. This attitude is being represented by Liquid Lounge and especially by Sahin Koc alias Scape Kid, Berlin, by his rescape debut. ´Evolution´ goes back to traditional Ambient values without sounding old-fashioned and focuses on an organic interaction between piano, guitar, oriental percussions, DubHop-like beats and spherical soundscapes to infatuate you again and again. And by enjoying the melancholy and pictorial minor piano pearls of ´Prinzessin Quartell´ or ´Storms Rückkehr´, the sensible Acid Dub of ´Ken Banzai´ or the hymn-like fanfare of ´Silur X Zeit´, you are immediately reminded of the most beautiful phase of global Chill Out. A CD like a perfect cocktail on a perfect day on the perfect beach!

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1. Prinzessin Quantell
2. Storms Rückkehr
3. Planet Max
4. Silur X Zeit
5. Thyrell
6. Lichtwärts
7. Wendewelten
8. Ken Banzai
9. Delphinkönig
10. Wüstenplanet
11. Nur Ein Traum
12. Cafe Hoerbar
13. Beteigeuze 2
14. Carbon
15. Astral Nach Paris
16. Sternenhorizont

Written and produced by Scape Kid
Published by ICM/Hanseatic


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