ELEKTROLUX PRESENTS - The Future Is My Melody Vol. 3

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By the first two 'The Future Is My Melody' compilations, the german based Elektrolux label, home of well-known and benchmarking compilation series like Space Night or Flowmotion, already proved that Ambient and Pop may be complementary in a most sensual way. Finally, the fascination of the human voice is essential in electronic music as well. Therefore, the third volume of 'Future Is My Melody' illustrates the modernity and internationality of a pop understanding which could not be further apart from casting shows and one-hit-wonder-phenomena.
The likewise Mediterranean und erotic track 'Luces' by Ibiza-based Marko Bussian, Jean-Charles Vandermynsbrugge and Argentina-born Sol Ruiz de Galarreta aka Fous De La Mer is an optimum starter track for the compilation. Moreover, it features two Fous de la Mer productions and three tracks by Ambient masterminds Aural Float (with a Fresh Moods remix of 'How deep' which has not been released yet). Together with the intensive sound fantasies of the British-Netherland producer team Groovecatcher and some more well-known Chillout projects such as Chris Zippel (also co-author of the current Robbie Williams/Pet Shop boys single), Fresh Moods or Index ID, 'The Future Is My Melody Vol. 3' creates a common language of timeless recreation and feeling good with the sound of a different kind of pop music. This language reaches far beyond differences regarding origin and rhythmic texture of Ambient, Lounge, Jazz and relaxed Drum and Bass. This approach is impressively completed by two tracks of the Icelandic band Worm is Green and Espresso Del Lago (the Swiss Flavio Maspoli and Andr_ Baumgartner) which are an outlook on their respective albums to be released on Mikrolux soon. The potential of Ambient pop is not exhausted yet - and why shouldn't future have its very own melody?

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1. Fous De La Mer - Luces
2. Groovecatcher _ Angel Of Nature
3. Fresh Moods _ So Far
4. Aural Float _ How Deep (Reworked by Fresh Moods)
5. Worm Is Green _ Electron John
6. Chris Zippel _ As Possible
7. Aural Float _ Still Here
8. Espresso Del Lago _ Suratat
9. Groovecatcher _ Walking By
10. Fous De La Mer _ All These Years
11. Fresh Moods - U Gone
12. Aural Float _ Be As You Are
13. Index ID - Gone
14. Fous De La Mer _ Ocean 22E

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