GUARDNER - Ready For Take Off

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"Greek dialectics philosophy includes the doctrine of 'harmony as a form of contradiction'. According to this, antagonic things do submit, harmony arises from things which are drifting apart and everything is created by antagonism. Admittedly, this is a quite elaborate entr_e for a reflection on the third album by Marcus Schmahl aka Guardner. Guardner is also known as one half of the Rauschfaktor project (together with Frank Rueckert/ueNN). Like a thread, the concept of a smooth counterpoint can be experienced throughout 'Ready For Take Off', beginning with the title already. 'To me, after 'Somedays in my life' and 'Paris Can't Wait', the 'Ready For Take Off' album was like a starting shot and characterised by an entirely new artistic motivation. Probably, most listeners will expect something completely different _ more beats per minute, more Upbeat. And yet, the album is just the opposite. This time, I put more emphasis on atmosphere. The tracks are much slower than on all albums before, more pictorial and dreamy. But nevertheless, it includes a lot of Guardner!' (Marcus Schmahl, December 2006) 'Ready For Take Off' is a contemplation on modern Ambient. In this context, the association of the album title with SPACE NIGHT, the long-time visual Elektrolux flagship, creates a cross reference which is absolutely intended. By the vocoder vocals and smooth horn sections of 'Everybody Needs' (which already represented an absolute highlight on the ""Elektrolux Decade"" compilation), the playful Ambient trance evocation 'The Mesh' or the free floating spherical dub of 'Remote', Guardner celebrates the art of Chillout using a quite differentiated and picturesque instrument. However, this instrument always seems to rest in itself in a harmonic way."

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1. Ready For Take Off
2. Walker
3. The Wind Blows
4. Dirty Dancin'
5. Everybody Needs
6. Hachi-Ko
7. The Mesh
8. Destiny's Thoughts
9. Evident Secrets
10. Profile
11. Remote
12. Cubus
13. Zero Altitude
14. All Right
15. Short Stories
16. Wednesday


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