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"In electronic music, there is hardly another musical style referred to as often and readily as dub. Indeed, it is quite charming to give additional deepness to a track by using the echo delay to full capacity. But where others more or less stay at the surface, Doc.Nic, Mr.Rod and 'J' alias Phonosynthese are speaking the language of dub fluently, but nevertheless do not indulge in clich_ audio escapisms into the Carribean. Two years after the celebrated ""Lebensstrom"" debut (also on Elektrolux), the trio which is living a few kilometers to the north of Frankfurt lives up to its project name by presenting a naturalistic but yet urban interpretation of sound deepness. The listener must not be misled by ostensibly humorist track titles - the ""Waldall"" absolutely is about serious music. In ""Februar Dub"", a Jamaican soundscape actually meets a shock frosted winter landscape with foggy mountains, the ""Traumzauberbaum"" is praised by heavy handclaps and a melancholic piano, a ""Glitzerblume"" is defoliated by a Jazzfunk organ with a nodding beat, and by ""Nebelhorn"" or ""Fruchttrigger"", even the melancholy ambient trance dub of the early nineties experiences an enthusiastic revival. For sure one of the most intensive and complex chillout albums in spring 2005. "

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1. Palisadengewebe
2. Februar Dub
3. Traumzauberbaum
4. Waldall
5. Sekundenkleber
6. Nebelhorn
7. Glitzerblume
8. Fruchttrigger
9. Kerngehaeuse
10. Spacegeraet
11. Woodway
12. Sonnensegel

Written and produced by Doc Nic, Mr. Rod & J.


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