GUARDNER - Paris CanĒt Wait

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Why didnĒt we stay in Paris?', I asked my friend, Charles. I would have embraced the bitter weather as we sat inside a dimly lit caf_ taking hummingbird sips of espresso. We would nod at the coming and going of Parisians and I might notice the weave of the rattan chairs ..[Taken from: 'Paris Can Wait' of the American writer Lori Oliva, in 'France, A Love Story', 2004]. Marcus Schmahl is just on his way to France in order to take some photographs there. But fortunately, he left his second album here with us after having produced the Rauschfaktor-CD 'Aquarium' (2001) together with Frank RŁckert (aka ŁNN) and his extremely well-received solo debut 'Somedays in my Life' (2002). 'Paris CanĒt Wait' _ this sounds like nonchalance and vibrant life, 'joie de vivre' and metropolis stress. With his new release, the 30 year old Mainz multimedia artist is moving within this very field. But the search of francophile sound fragments has to be taken with a grain of salt. The album is about Downbeat Lounging with an explicit addiction to a pictorial melody language yet without any stereotype escapism. Just Urban Chillout! MarcusĒ visual work in the context of his Flowmotion video production and photography adds some depth of sharpness to the sounds of 'Paris CanĒt Wait'. 'Compared with my first album, the further development can be seen predominantly in the more mature song structure, the sound design and the better transformation of my emotions into music. And last but not least, working with other artists has broadened the stylistic spectrum.' (Marcus Schmahl, August 2004). This way, hymn-like Downtempo Dub as with 'Dawn Sky' or 'Seeds' meets spherical ambient ('Island Three') and sensual house beats in a Timewriter-Style ('N.Y.C./JerŃme & Zamrate Remix') without the overall tension ever getting lost. Last but not least, this wide range of emotions constitutes the actual charm of 'Paris CanĒt Wait'.

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1. Circus
2. Dawn Sky
3. N.Y.C.
4. Distant Link
5. Tidal Flat
6. Ways
7. Jumper
8. Island Three
9. Chapelle Sacre_
10. Swan Lake (WS1)
11. Seeds
12. N.Y.C. (Jerome & Zamrate Remix)
13. Mews To Peace
14. Ways (Remix)

Written and produced by Marcus Schmahl, published by ICM/Hanseatic


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