N)E(M - Northern Elektro Movement

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After the release of the two highly successful 12inches 'Filicium' and 'Third Space', which generated the first UK Big Beat charts entrance for the Elektrolux label, Hamburg, Germany based electro specialists N)E(M deliver their first longplayer. 'Northern Electro Movement' is a groundbreaking album, which represents all aspects of contemporary Electro and helps to push the music another step further. The producers of this master work, 3DJ Dirsch and Andreas Roll, already rank among the top german Electro artists, performing live all over the country (listen to 'United Meadow' and 'Silikon').

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1 See You In Another World
2 Das Auge
3 Welcome To Third Space
4 Vurt
5 Kling-One
6 N.E.M.
7 Mark 1
8 N/E/Mike
9 United Meadow (Live)
10 Silikon (Live)
11 Fusion
12 Gotthase
13 Voiceshit (Video Edit)
14 Digitoll


1 Das Auge
2 Mark 1
3 Vurt
4 Fusion
5 United Meadow (Live)
6 Silikon (Live)
7 Bot
8 Digitoll

written and produced by Andreas Roll and Dirsch


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