NN - Relief

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With 'Relief', Frankfurt, Germany based project ŁNN releases it's second longplayer on Elektrolux. Like it's predecessor, the new album contains a fine blend of electronic music ranging from Electro to Downbeat sounds. Besides contributing tracks to the successful Ambient Diary and Elektro Codes compilations, ŁNN is also featured in the new tv chill out special flowmotion, to be seen every night on german station Hessen Fernsehen (HR) via Astra Satellite.

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1 Reopen
2 Sphere
3 Blue Sky
4 Two
5 Retro-Rocket
6 Magnetic
7 Stone
8 Sensor Kling
9 Hybrid Elements
10 Repetitive Ego
11 Harmonic/Discordant
12 This Time Tomorrow
13 Chemical
14 Three Pilots
15 Ease

written and produced by Frank RŁckert


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