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Since the early nineties, Tricky Cris is a driving force of Nu Dub and Dancehall Reggae in Germany. In 1995 the Frankfurt based DJ and producer co-founded the well acclaimed 'Serious Dropout' project, which subsequently released three various artists compilations including acts from Germany, USA, the UK and Jamaica.1998 saw the release of his first solo 12inch 'Sound Surgery' on Elektrolux, which presented four bass-loaded tracks incorporating elements from Dub, Downtempo and Dancehall. It's successor 'Favourite Feeling' came out in 1999 and added components like Dub-House and Drum and Bass to the mixture already introduced. Besides his solo works for Elektrolux and different side projects with other artists and labels, Tricky Cris also produces music for theatre, film and tv and has been involved in various multimedia concepts. He continues his decade spanning DJ career with regular appearances in clubs and at festivals, since 1999 he is also hosting a successful monthly Dancehall and Dub night called Riddim Wize at the O25 club in Frankfurt. His first solo longplayer 'Tracking' presents a perfect crossection through the entire Nu Dub universe and associated territories from Downbeat to even 2 Step - deep basslines meet fat riddims and magical mix experiments in typical Tricky Cris manner. The international guest list of the album includes producers, musicians and vocalists like The Rootsman, Jah Meek, Syncromatic Dubsters, MIkey Romeo, Rosanna and Zelia, DJ Reverend, Daniel Iribarren, General Everton, The Globalizer, Francesca Harper, Anthony Rizzi and Richard Siegal.

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1 Classically (Dub Mix) feat. General Everton
2 Movin On (in Dub) feat. Jah Meek, The Rootsman and Mustafa Fqihi
3 Arrival
4 The Visitor
5 Watch The Mix
6 Lizard
7 Rollin feat. Mickey Romeo
8 Favourite Feeling
9 Connected Lobes
10 Theme From Riddim Wize
11 Adios Havana feat. Rosanna and Zelia and Syncromatic Dubsters
12 Konkav


1 Movin On (in Dub) feat. Jah Meek, The Rootsman and Mustafa Fqihi
2 Lizard
3 Arrival
4 The Visitor
5 Adios Havana feat. Rosanna and Zelia and Syncromatic Dubsters
6 N.Y.C.
7 Konkav

written and produced by Tricky Cris, tracks 3 and 4 vocals by Francesca Harper, Steven Galloway, Anthony Rizzi, Thomas McMagnus, Richard Siegal, track 6 by Tricky Cris, Frederik Feindt, Steffen Schneider, track 8 by Daniel Iribarren, Tricky Cris


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DJ TRICKY CRIS - Sound Surgery EP
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