RUXPIN - Midnight Drive

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The man behind Ruxpin is producer Jonas Thor Gudmundsson from Iceland, who has recorded well acclaimed material for the Thule label. With Midnight Drive, he releases an excellent CD and DoLP album on the Frankfurt, Germany based Elektrolux label, the 12 tracks ranging from Ambient and Chill Out to Downbeat and Electronica sounds for home and club. A perfect soundscape for the modern world that fully lives up to the promise of it's title, the DJ friendly vinyl edition contains 8 tracks.

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1 Viewpoints
2 Midnight Drive
3 Headphones
4 Formations
5 Locoas
6 Grip
7 Above Sea Level
8 Exztra
9 Headspin
10 Watch The Packard
11 Palace Midas
12 Autocaz


1 Viewpoints
2 Headphones
3 Formations
4 Locoas
5 Above Sea Level
6 Watch The Packard
7 Headspin
8 Palace Midas

written and produced by Jonas Thor Gudmundsson


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